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Cleanout Cover-Unplated Steel, Buna-N (Nitrile) Gasket

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This design is patented by Tompkins (patent no. 7721904). Positive O-ring bolt seal; Full bolt torque load rated; Heavy-Duty Grade 50 steel construction. Designed for air impact gun installation; Installation above and below fluid level. Buna-N Temperature Range: -35ºF to 250ºF.  Pressure tested up to 35 PSI; 500 degree powder coat o-rings and gaskets available; Self-centering anti-rotation inner plate does not drop during disassembly.

Pricing reflects list/ea if purchasing 1 - 9 covers. Discounts available for larger quantity. Net pricing for Cleanout Covers is not figured using List Price x Multiplier.

Material: Unplated Steel
Gasket Type: Buna-N Nitrile

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