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Tube to Pipe

  • Weight: 0.070 lbs
  • Material: Brass
  • Shape: Straight
  • Thread 1 Type: Push-In DOT
  • Thread 1 Nominal Size: 04
  • Push-In DOT: 1/4
  • Thread 2 Type: Male Pipe
  • Thread 2 Nominal Size: 02
  • Male Pipe: 1/8-27

Part Number

04PUSH IN DOT-02MP Straight

List Price: $6.84

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All Male Pipe threads have an application of LOCTITE 516 DRI Pre-Applied Sealant which is a high viscosity, non-toxic, thixotropic, pre-applied, water-based thread sealant for automatic dispensing applications.  It has a “constant on” torque.  When dried, it becomes a resilient, tight-clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads.  The product provides excellent solvent resistance and an operating temperature range from -54° C to 150°C (-65°F to 300°F).