ProWrap Light Duty Hose and Cable Protection

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Extends the life of expensive hydraulic hoses and cables. It installs easily without disconnecting any lines. Wrap individual lines or bundle hoses. Use different colors to help match and identify lines.

  • Dual-beveled edges ease installation and reduce risk of exposed sharp edges
  • Bundled hoses may exit at any point
  • Tight grip prevents sliding or leap-frogging

More resistant to fire hazard than woven sleeve protectors that retain oil and sawdust, it’s constructed of 100% polyethylene and is enviromentally stable. It is immune to attack by most chemicals.


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  • Attributes
  • Type: Wrap
  • Working Temperature Range: -70 degree F to 180 degree F
  • Color: Black
SKUHose OD SizeStandard PackageNominal IDMaximum Bundle DiameterWall ThicknessList PriceCAD
PWLD-161"50'1.02".110$4.16Quote Buy
PWLD-201 1/4"100'1.252.5".135$4.86Quote Buy
PWLD-241 1/2"100'1.53".145$6.64Quote Buy
PWLD-322"50'2.04".175$9.26Quote Buy
PWLD-563 1/2"50'3.57".190$19.04Quote Buy
PWLD-966"20'6.011".185$35.44Quote Buy

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