SUPRA W2-800

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Supra Heavy-Duty T-Bolt Hose Clamp - Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 0.720 lbs
  • Material: Domestic Stainless Steel
  • Torque Inch (LBS): 398.30
  • Clamp Type: Supra W2
  • Minimum Clamping Diameter: 7.87
  • Maximum Clamping Diameter: 8.39

Part Number
SUPRA W2-800

List Price: $15.75

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The Supra W2 is a reliable, heavy-duty clamp that can be opened up and fastened again when in place without dislodging any other parts of the clamp. Its revolutionary swiveling bridge means it can be mounted in awkward applications without having to remove the hose. Beveled edges protect hoses from damage. The high-strength bolt, together with the captive nut and spacer system allow you to clamp the most demanding of hose assemblies.