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Non-Chlorinated Cleaner Degreaser

  • Weight: 1.440 lbs
  • Application: Cleaner-Degreaser

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Product Description

This non-chlorinated cleaner degreaser is an innovative, safe formulation of solvents and is extremely effective on tar, asphalt and concrete. It has become the sensible replacement for chlorinated cleaner/degreasers and offers the best characteristics of chlorinated solvents without the environmental roadblocks. With a Kauri-butanol value of 125, it demonstrates higher solvency power than some chlorinated solvents and much higher than HCFCs or mineral spirits. Combined with the benefits of complete evaporation, rapid dry time, no flash point, and low toxicity, it can become the answer for busy maintenance personnel and mechanics.

It effectively removes most oils, greases (except fluorinated), moly, graphite, and silicones. In addition, it affords the user compatibility with more metals, plastics, rings and seal materials than most other solvents. As with any solvent-based cleaner, it is recommended that, prior to use, you test the product on a small section of material.

USDA-K1 authorized, contains orange peel scent and is a product of the U.S.A.

For a full case, order 12.

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