• Bin Labels

    Easy to print and convenient to use, we have Bin Labels for many of our most popular products.


  • Cleanout Cover CAD

    Hydraulic Tank Cover Templates - get the schematics you need for cutting holes in your covers as well as our Guide to Selecting a Cleanout Cover.

    Need help viewing any of our CAD models? Files may be opened with the CAD software of choice. If you need a viewer, you may download the free eDrawings Viewer available for Windows and Mac.


  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

    Our Material Safety Data Sheets contain information on the materials, the potential hazards and considerations on how to work safely with the products.


  • Product and Pricing Documents

    You will find our Product Catalog, Product Price List, and Part Number Lookup Chart as well as forms to become a Tompkins customer and return a Tompkins product.


  • Video

    We developed several training videos to help you in the installation, assembly and use of our products, including JIC-wrench, JIC-torque and adjustable-wrench methods for assembly.