Thread Identification Kit for Male Threads

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Tompkins offers a Thread Identification Kit incorporating female-threaded gauges for use in identifying male threads.

With 14 dual-threaded gauges for measuring 28 thread sizes, this precision-manufactured kit likewise guarantees ease and accuracy. Eliminate the costly guesswork of trying to compare your parts to fittings which often vary from specifications.

  • Measure 28 thread sizes quickly and accurately.
  • Manufactured from hardened anodized aluminum
  • Labeled with laser-engraved sizes
  • Durable, lightweight, easy-to-read.

This kit includes:

  • BSP thread gauges
  • 1/8 - 28 BSP through 11/4 - 11
  • Metric Thread Gauges
  • M8 x 1.0 through M52 x 2.0
  • Metric and BSP pitch gauges
Weight_uom: lbs
Material: Aluminum
Compliance: MS 51860
Thread 2 Nominal Size: LL06-10
Hose O.D. (mm): 32.2
Nominal ID: 0.875

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