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ProWrap Heavy Duty Hose and Cable Protection

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Sizes to fit 1/4” hose to 11” bundles.


  • Extends the life of expensive hydraulic hoses and cables
  • Install without disconnecting any lines
  • Tight grip prevents sliding or leap-frogging
  • Complete coverage with proper installation
  • Bundled hoses may exit at any point

More resistant to fire hazard than woven sleeve protectors that retain oil and sawdust. 100% polyethylene and environmentally stable. It is immune to attack by most chemicals.

Full box sizes of -08 (1/2") to -32 (2") are one continuous piece. On size -48 (3") and larger it will be two (2) pieces in the carton. Sold in full box size. No cuts.

Color: Black
Material: Polyethylene
Compliance: MS 51860
Thread 2 Nominal Size: LL06-10
Hose O.D. (mm): 32.2
Type: Wrap

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