Help protect your workers with Burst Guard

Burst Guard Nylon Hose Sleeve from Tompkins is an ultra-dense, two-layer sleeve that is three times the density of standard sleeve. It controls hose bursts up to 13,000 PSI to protect workers and equipment in line-of-sight situations.

It is an extremely durable and flexible thick black nylon outer layer with a yellow nylon/polyester inner layer that provides damage alert.

It meets ISO 3457, 4413, 6945, 6805 standards as well as EN 414, MDG 41 and MSHA IC 171/2 approval. It is tested by The Fluid Power Institute and UV-protected.

This smooth-bore sleeve is easily installed over hose, chains, cables or springs and may be secured with nylon cable ties or band-clamps. Sold only in 100-foot rolls. No cuts.