Over 6,000 CAD Models for Download

Accessible with all major CAD applications, the free eDrawings viewer, and 3D PDF, Tompkins is pleased to make 2D and 3D CAD models available for over 6,000 of our hydraulic adapters and hydraulic tube fittings.

Customer Testimonials about our CAD

About the CAD, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for on you website. The download worked great, and you offered a wide variety of CAD formats. You guys have a really nice system setup.
Austin S., 
Application Engineer


I am an engineer ... and laying out some hydraulic lines. For me the key to a successful product is my ability to easily download the CAD file. If I can do that, then the part gets into the layout and it’s only from there the supply chain guys work on alternative options based on price, availability etc. I was able to download your CAD file easily, so thanks.
David W.,
New Hampshire


I appreciate that Tompkins offers models for use in our designs. I think your system works great, your site is easy to navigate and easy to use.
Pierce W.,
Design Engineer