Tompkins Industries Announces Change in Finish for Restricted (RST) Fittings

Tompkins Industries, Inc., responds to customers' requests to visually differentiate restricted (RST) fittings from non-restricted fittings. The company-wide change has already begun as black zinc plating will be replacing the current clear trivalent plating as they sell through.


When will this take place?

Tompkins Industries is currently phasing out the clear trivalent plating to the black zinc plating on their restricted orifice fittings. Slower moving inventory may last longer than quicker moving inventory, but customers will start seeing black zinc plated RST fittings immediately.

Why is this being done?

Tompkins Industries is taking further steps to help reduce potential damage and/or injury due to an incorrect fitting being installed in a customer's application. With RST and standard orifice adapters having the same plating, it takes more effort to recognize the difference in the two, especially with employees going through training. The black zinc will signify that the fitting does indeed have a restricted orifice.

Will I still be able to get the silver versions?

Tompkins Industries will still have the capabilities of having the RST fittings plated with the clear trivalent plating, but it will no longer be considered a standard fitting. These will now be considered specials and may require minimum order quantities, higher prices, and extended lead times. 

Will I get a mix of black and silver parts in my shipment?

As silver trivalent stock is sold, Tompkins will send all of one color or the other when possible. If it is discovered that we do not have all one color stock to send (e.g. 90 silver and 10 black), Tompkins Industries will attempt to contact the customer to see if they want the mixed stock or will want to wait until all black zinc are in stock.

For questions or comments, you can call us at 800-255-1008 or contact us online.